FOX Sports Writer Jason Whitlock Can’t Control His Diarrhea Mouth About Serena Williams.

There has been a backlash against Sports writer Jason Whitlock of FOX News on his article regarding Serena Williams and her recent victory at Wimbledon. In his article, Whitlock attempted to criticize and assasinate Serena Williams as a person and as a Professional Tennis player, by making comments comparing Williams to a horse because of her complaint about the new rule of no eating in the locker room. Also, he stated that she is an underachiever and does not work hard enough to be the best tennis player and that Serena would rather be a celebrity.

Now Mr Dontknow will approach this from a few angles, first one is sports writers that talk about a sport they never have played before. With most jobs it requires some experience in that field as far I know Jason Whitlock was a marginal college football player at best, and never played Professional tennis. Just because you have a degree in journalism it does not make you an expert on every topic or sport, and to have the access to reach millions of people with your opinion this should be held in a higher regard. And from looking at Jason Whitlock’s Bio it does not show any expertise in Tennis. With that said, why are we even concerned about what an overweight journalist has to say regarding a sport he knows little about?

Next aspect we will discuss is Whitlock’s attempt to personally attack Serena Williams by comparing her to a horse and saying that if she worked out that she could look like Beyonce, and also calling her an underachiever. Well you no what they say, “it takes one to know one”. I guess Whitlock is giving us testimony pertaining to how he feels about himself. Who can blame him for venting his life frustrations? Just look at the man! He easily could be mistaken for the real Fat Albert or just a big ass piece of JELLY, or a trick looking for a date. And as far as telling Serena Williams the best tennis player in the game to go workout, he had to be a joking, coming from an OBESE underachieving sports writer that was fired from ESPN for the same type of hate flowing out of his mouth like diarrhea. With a track record of haterism there is no surprise he is now working for FOX News, Whitlock was also the same person who said Don Imus should not have been fired for his insensitive comments towards the Rutger Girls Basketball team.

In conclusion the Dontknow3 family believes that Jason Whitlock is a sad excuse for a journalist with his resume of funny style comments and articles, it is clear this individual has some deep personal issue’s. And saying negative things to other’s is his way of dealing with his internal demon’s. And just for the record I’m sure Serena Williams looks waaaaaay better than any female Whitlock has payed for! And usually when someone talks bad about someone else they probably like that person to the point they are jealous beyond control. At the end of the day, Serena and Venus Williams has made a tremendous impact on Tennis such as requesting equal prize money for professional female tennis players, and made the sport more popular to the general public!!!!.


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