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Kim K Looking For Attention in her Bikini

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Serena Williams Takes It All Off For ESPN Cover

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Tennis Star Serena Williams gets real comfortable for the cover of ESPN by riding with her birthday suit. And what the hell was Fat sports hater Jayson Whitlock saying about Serena being out of shape, I bet he keeps this cover posted in his bathroom. But Serena Williams keeps elevating the sport of tennis from every angel, if not for Venus and Serena would anyone watch the sport?

NBA STAR Lebron James Getting Smashed On! Jordan Crawford Xavier University

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“Harry Porter”Actor Facing 14 Years For Growing WEED

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Teenage cast member Jamie Waylett of the “Harry Porter” movie has pleaded guilty to growing marijuana during a hearing Thursday in the city of Westminster,Magistrates court. The teenager plays school bully Vincent Crabbe in all six installments of the movie. Po Po found 8 bags of the London Kush and a knife in Waylett’s car while conducting a routine traffic stop. They then searched is mother’s house where they found 10 marijuana plants. Jamie Waylett pleaded guilty to producing cannabis which carries a sentence of 14 years, DAMM for growing tree’s. Something is wrong here didn’t the NFL player Stallworth just serve 20 days for killing a man with his Rolls Royce, this sounds like the crime not fitting the punishment then again this is America where you can have a bunch of soft and get probation but get caught with crack and get 10 years. And London does not have any cannabis cards for those who use medical marijuana, I guess not but it is obvious that America does not have the best judicial system and neither does London. Check out the Volcano Good Value for 4:20. Peace

NBA Player Richard Jefferson Get’s Cold Feet On Wedding Day or Was The GAY Rumors True?

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NBA Player Richard Jefferson recently cancelled his scheduled wedding which cos-ted 2 million dollars, and he did it at the last minute effectivity leaving his fiance Kesha Nicole former New Jersey Nets dancer at the altar. The New York post is reporting that Jefferson got cold feet last week and ended the relationship, but he waited so long to inform the guest that they all arrived in Manhattan on Saturday for the event. There has been several rumors of Richard Jefferson being GAY circling the League could this be the nail in the coffin, does Richard Jefferson have something to tell the world?

Super Model Jessica White Admits She Has Been Raped Before And Never Reported It!

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Super Model Jessica White has an amazing modeling career filled with great accomplishments, such as being the first African American model with two beauty contracts, and appearing on SI pages seven times, but one her biggest achievements might be the courage she displayed to the world by coming out and telling her story of being raped in her youth. As a result of this crime Jessica White said she felt bound by her fear and turned to drugs and alcohol at an early age, by keeping her faith and determination she prevailed through that tough situation. And In real life there are a lot of women that are sexually assaulted, raped,molested or just plain violated by some one but for whatever reason a lot don’t speak about it or report it. That is why Jessica White telling her story hopefully will help future victims deal with the emotions and feeling that they will have to deal with in order to over come this disgusting crime. As a result of Jessica’s tragic experience she has created a charity called The Angels Wings foundation that reaches out to sexually assault victims which is admirable to say the least, and a great example of how life experiences that are negative can be turned in to a POSITIVE.

Rumored Breakup From Reggie Bush Has Kim Kardashian Back On The Market!!

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The word is some one close to Kim Kardashian said that the two have separated because Kim was pressuring the NFL player to marry her, so once again it’s on expect to see a LOT more of Kim. And check her sister alway’s in the back watching how Kim get’s down.