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For All Basketball Fans New Blog By Ex Player

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DK3 Just hooked up with one of my folks who put my on this New Basketball Blog with all the Info, so I’m just passing the line. If you like hoop this will be your spot it’s new but looks solid, and there’s a funny pic of the Coney Island Guy. Enjoy One


Model Aija Nicole Claims She Looks Like Halle Berry

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NBA Star SHAQ raping about KOBE BRYANT, Now Alleged RAPE Victim Goes in on KOBE “Why my ass Bled”

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Shaquile O’Neal is raping about KOBE how my ass taste then Kobe Bryants alleged rape victim is asking Kobe why my ass Bled something is wrong here, help us out on figuring this one? Also at  

NBA Star Stephon Marbury interview; Cell phones rings, Calls wife his best HO, Is the man HIGH?

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  This is one of the weirdest interviews by a NBA player I have ever seen, Stephon Marbury sits down and displays some unusual behavior.  For one if you do a interview you would think to turn your cell phone off, but then to get off the phone and call your wife your MAIN HO.  Now that is not everyday behavior, even for Stephon Marbury.  People have been trying to figure this cat out for a while but I cant call it, much respect for his talent but the way he talked about kissing his sister made me cringe.  Mr Dontknow Hit the Link if you want the Starbury Streetshoe Peace.Starbury Street Shoe


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  Yeah man some eye candy, for my folks Hen2300 and his boy Ray what that do!! Ha Ha .  AND EVERY WEEK WE WILL PICK OUR FREAK OF THE WEEK SO STAY TUNED!  IF YOU HAVE, ANY SUGGESTION’S FEEL FREE TO LEAVE A COMMENT.

Hip Hop Legend, and GETO BOY member Willie D caught up in IPHONE SCAM!

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  One of the original members of the legendary group “GETO BOYS” Willie D was apprehended by federal authorities on conspiracy of conducting an overseas iphone scam. Willie D born(William James Dennis) was arrested at Bush international for acting as a salesman in concert with a business called Texas One Wireless, he is accused of using ebay to sell electronics and services to consumers overseas. Money was being transferred to his account but customers would never receive their products, Willie D would tell the customers the package was in the mail and eventually lose contact with  them, after that the FEDS jumped on his line, he is facing 20 years.  Mr Dontknow last heard Willie D had property in a another country, and  was waiting for the equity to bubble, I guess this recession is effecting everybody. Respectfully Mr Dontknow

“KILL THE RECORD LABELS” DVD WATCH TRAILER! Sean Combs Biggest P. I. M. P in the industry, ask SHYNE.

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This blog is in reference to all of Mr Dontknows post about the record labels controlling the game. From creating fake controversy and pushing commercial music to the masses in the name of making a dollar.  I’ ve always wondered why there is only a few BLACK owned record labels when at one point it seemed they were on the rise , with THE Roc, Ruff Ryders, Death Row, Murder INC, but now all that’s left is Bad Boy and Cash Money. We all know Puffy is the biggest pimp in the industry, just ask SHYNE, and Sheist Bubs added some testimony to that, plus Xhibit preached that Puffy (Sean Combs) took him to WRONG PARTY; feel me. Anyhow check this trailer for the documentary “Kill the Record Labels”.  Hit the link in sidebar to get yours.  Peace Mr Dontknow