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Can You Name This NBA Baller Reppin “Pinky” From The Movie “Friday After Next” On Halloween

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Try and Name this NBA baller representing “PINKY from the movie “Friday After Next” he definitely went in, 50 Cent aka Pimping Curley better watch out. Hilarious Shot out to the folks for the pic!!!!!


Lil Blood “Sell My Coke” Ft J Stalin and This East Oakland

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Yeah the young people’s Lil  Blood Ft J Stalin: and it’s no gangbangin in the town one luv to LA but we do our money thang wit out the bang unless it’s official!

Rapper Charles Hamilton gets Punched for Freestyling, about Abortion: Doctor Get’s Killed for Practing it

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The upcoming rapper Charles Hamilton got punched in the mouth for free-styling about abortion but Doctor George Tiller was murdered for practicing it, a gunman ended the life and the controversial career of abortion doctor George Tiller, killing him as he stood in his church Sunday.                                                                                                                                                                 Today, a 51-year-old Johnson County man could be charged with murder and aggravated assault in the shooting of Tiller, who had been shot before by an anti-abortion advocate. The   crime has drawn condemnation and outrage from the President Obama and stirred strong responses across the world.                                                                                                                                     

Lebron James shows why he was M.V.P. in Game 5: RECAP with Highlights

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Can Lebron James Keep carrying the Cleveland Cavaliers?  We will see in game 6 in Orlando.


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  Yeah man some eye candy, for my folks Hen2300 and his boy Ray what that do!! Ha Ha .  AND EVERY WEEK WE WILL PICK OUR FREAK OF THE WEEK SO STAY TUNED!  IF YOU HAVE, ANY SUGGESTION’S FEEL FREE TO LEAVE A COMMENT.


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Nipsey Hussle is a NEW West Coast Artist creating a buzz check the young folks out.

5 Alabama POLICE officers Fired for Beating a Man after a HIGH Speed Chase. Police Brutality will never END.

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I am starting to believe that police brutality will never stop because of the many disturbing examples they are showing, and how society pretty much turns a blind eye to every incident. NYPD shot Sean Bell 50 plus times, Oakland Bart Police shot Oscar Grant in front of a train FULL of people at point black range, now we see 5 officers get fired for beating a man after a high speed chase. I thought all the training the police go through is supposed to keep them alert and able to make rational decision in the face of tough situation. Obviously this training goes completely out the window when adrenaline kicks in and anger mixed with a MOB mentality.  Mr Dontknow understands the police have a tough job to do, but so do citizens when we have to worry about getting killed and harassed by the agencies that are here to protect and serve the people. Mr Dontknow