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2 pac VIBE Interview

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Rev Al Sharpton and Lisa Raye New Couple WTF?

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At least Lisa Raye was telling the truth when she said a man has to have money for her to even listen, but we all know the old saying be careful what you ask for because you just might get it. And props to Al Sharpton for knowing when to hold em and knowing when to fold em dont get Al twisted he got more money than time right know so why not snatch the desperate Lisa Raye for eye candy.

Model Aija Nicole Claims She Looks Like Halle Berry

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Stripper Pole Vs Ass Of Model Maliah Michel Who Won?

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She got a grip on that pole this can’t be real or this girl is just gifted.

“Harry Porter”Actor Facing 14 Years For Growing WEED

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Teenage cast member Jamie Waylett of the “Harry Porter” movie has pleaded guilty to growing marijuana during a hearing Thursday in the city of Westminster,Magistrates court. The teenager plays school bully Vincent Crabbe in all six installments of the movie. Po Po found 8 bags of the London Kush and a knife in Waylett’s car while conducting a routine traffic stop. They then searched is mother’s house where they found 10 marijuana plants. Jamie Waylett pleaded guilty to producing cannabis which carries a sentence of 14 years, DAMM for growing tree’s. Something is wrong here didn’t the NFL player Stallworth just serve 20 days for killing a man with his Rolls Royce, this sounds like the crime not fitting the punishment then again this is America where you can have a bunch of soft and get probation but get caught with crack and get 10 years. And London does not have any cannabis cards for those who use medical marijuana, I guess not but it is obvious that America does not have the best judicial system and neither does London. Check out the Volcano Good Value for 4:20. Peace

UGK NEW VIDEO REMIX FT Megan FOX, TAHIRY, and COCO “Get Down On The Floor”

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Rap Artist Askari X “Oakland Street’s” Video

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Brother Askari X one of the best rapper’s to come out of Oakland, Ca Peace Mr Dontknow