Making Your Penis BIGGER Does Not Teach You How To Become A Better Lover

There are a lot of commercials on TV that are advertising male enhancement buy the boat loads, now this market has to be making money or it would not be able to afford all that ad space on TV. One thing the commercial leaves out is that if you did not know how to please a woman with what God gave you, then buying a pill that will supposedly make your penis bigger is not going to solve your problem. What that will do is turn you in to a pill popping expert and some one with an artificial body part. I just found it extremely funny that they left that information out of there commercial, but don’t fear Mr Dontknow is here we will pick up where they left off and will begin to offer classes for those who used male enhancement’s and still find it hard to please a woman. We guarantee results you will go from a 0 to a hero with our techniques, so sign up today. This is preliminary, based off our class sizes but if you where deceived in to taking male enhancement pills and still can’t get it right don’t worry DK3 got you. Now listen to this poor soul in this video.


One Response to “Making Your Penis BIGGER Does Not Teach You How To Become A Better Lover”

  1. Says:

    no product is going to make grow extra penile tissue, but you can maximize your natural potential.

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