Super Model Jessica White Admits She Has Been Raped Before And Never Reported It!

Super Model Jessica White has an amazing modeling career filled with great accomplishments, such as being the first African American model with two beauty contracts, and appearing on SI pages seven times, but one her biggest achievements might be the courage she displayed to the world by coming out and telling her story of being raped in her youth. As a result of this crime Jessica White said she felt bound by her fear and turned to drugs and alcohol at an early age, by keeping her faith and determination she prevailed through that tough situation. And In real life there are a lot of women that are sexually assaulted, raped,molested or just plain violated by some one but for whatever reason a lot don’t speak about it or report it. That is why Jessica White telling her story hopefully will help future victims deal with the emotions and feeling that they will have to deal with in order to over come this disgusting crime. As a result of Jessica’s tragic experience she has created a charity called The Angels Wings foundation that reaches out to sexually assault victims which is admirable to say the least, and a great example of how life experiences that are negative can be turned in to a POSITIVE.


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