The Gay Wankster aka Perez Hilton Gets a Black Eye From Manager of the Pea’s

Gay Gangster and blogger Perez Hilton Says he got punched in the eye by the manager of the world famous group the Black Eye Peas, The Gay Gangster Say’s he was out gangbanging in the club and got into an argument with Will I Am and Fergie . The argument was supposedly over him writing about the group on his website later that night Gay Gangster Perez Hilton tweeted “I’m Bleeding no joke I need to file a police report, he should know the rules of the game. Or not maybe he thought he was going to be able and talk bad about everyone in the industry with out someone waking his izzum up with a black eye. And a word of advice for The Gay Gangster stay strapped at all time”s during FUNK SEASON!


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