Chris Brown Get’s A Plea Deal For Domestic Violence?

Last-minute plea deal was just announced between Chris Brown and the state of California in the singer’s felony assault case for the incident involving his former girlfriend Rihanna, Dontknow3 has learned live from inside the courtroom. Brown, accompanied by his lawyer, pleaded guilt to the charges, and Judge Patricia M. Schnegg has sentenced him to 180 days of community service, to be served in the singer’s native Virginia. Both Brown and Rihanna were present in Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday afternoon (June 21)where the singer was expected to testify. Rihanna had been subpoenaed by the district attorney’s office and was expected to break her silence about the February incident that allegedly left her battered and bruised by Brown. She did not testify, however, and the judge issued a “stay away” order to Brown and said Rihanna would be entering the courtroom once Brown exited. A couple hours later, Brown arrived a few minutes early at the courthouse in a gray suit and tie. Brown was accompanied by family members and offered no words to the media gathered outside. Rihanna’s attorney, Donald Etra, entered the courthouse before Brown, and Rihanna was not present at the time, fueling speculation that a plea deal was eminent. Rihanna then entered the courthouse later through a back entryway, wearing dark glasses, according to multiple reports. As the preliminary hearing began, word of the plea deal was soon announced to the courtroom.  Was this justice?


2 Responses to “Chris Brown Get’s A Plea Deal For Domestic Violence?”

  1. theoraclemag Says:

    Wow, I really thought he was going to go down for this one. California does not play when it come to domestic abuse. Really the brother needs help and I pray he gets it.

    • dontknow3 Says:

      I very much agree with you on both fronts of CALI dont play with domestic Violence and he need’s to get some help

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