800,000 callers call in to Digital TV Hot line GET YOURS TODAY

Most  TV viewers have now gone all digital.  But it was a bit confusing for some yesterday when the nation’s TV stations shut down their analog transmitters.Nearly 800,000 people called a federal hot line this week.  About a third of the calls were about federal coupons to pay for digital converter boxes. Another third were handled by live agents, and 30 percent of those were about how to operate the converter boxes. Over 20 percent of the live calls were about reception issues.  The largest volume of calls came from the Chicago area, followed by , New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore.  FCC Chairman Michael Coops says the job is “far from over.”The National Association of Broadcasters said that 278 stations it surveyed nationwide received 35,500 calls yesterday, and the vast majority were resolved by re-scanning.  Research firm SmithGeiger said Thursday that about 2 million households were still unprepared as of last week.  We offer the Zinwell a best seller among Digital Analog Convert or’s with Free Shipping Get your for that family member that needs it Order yours today at www.dontknow3.com Zinwell ZAT-970A Digital to Analog TV Converter Box


2 Responses to “800,000 callers call in to Digital TV Hot line GET YOURS TODAY”

  1. Elusive Says:

    Thanks for this, Great post!

  2. dontknow3 Says:

    Right stay Tuned

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