2009 NBA Finals LA Lakers WIN Championship Kobe Gets his Fourth Ring and Phil Gets his Tenth

The L A Lakers are the 2009 champion’s of the NBA being led by the best player in the game Kobe Bryant and the best coach in the game, Phil Jackson. This is the fourth ring  for Kobe and 10th for Phil Jackson.   But everyone knows this championship means a lot more to Kobe Bryant than anyone else since he was hell bent on proving he could do it without SHAQ.  From Game 1 of the Finals,  Kobe came out and set the pace for the series with his dominate play and a mean mug that would make a child cry.  The rest of the team just followed his lead and played great team basketball.  In Gm 5, Kobe did the same thing he came on the court with one thing in mind and that was winning he dazzled the Orlando Magic fans with hanging fade-aways and several ESPN worthy plays. Trevor Areaza was also a major factor offensively and defensively for the Lakers success, which puts him in a great position for entertaining the free agent market this summer.  Derick Fisher also came with his hard hat, solid frame, and went to work.  While the whole time Coach Phil Jackson sat on the bench with his cool demeanor and let his team go to work.  Not the best NBA Finals, but maybe this will help that Boston vs L A rivalry to start back up.  The one sad thing in this series was that even on the bench as a coach Patrick Ewing could still not get a NBA championship ring. www.dontknow3.com


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