G.O.P Searching for a New Face Rush, Sarah, Nute, or Charles Barkley?

Ever since President Obama has taken over the white house, the Republican party has been searching for a new face to appeal the US voter for the 2012 election.  The current Republican nominees are Rush Limbaugh, Sara Palin, and Nute Gingrich.  Unfortunately, if these are their candidates, the Republican Party is in trouble!  The Republican will be better off trying to persuade Charles Barkley back on their side.  At the end of the day, everyone knows that the lobbist are in control  vs. the president of the United States.   One thing is for sure, the Republicans Party loves to keep the US citizens under fear in order to push their own personal agendas.  If it is not President Obama ruining our country, it is the terrorist trying to terrorize our country.  USA  has a history of spending a lot of money in the war and military but have not made proper investments in education which is evident now due to our poor and collapsing  info structure.  Rush, Nute, and Sara will make good candidates that will continue to instill fear in the people of the US.  DontKnow3 suggest that the Republican Party supports the nomination of US Supreme Court Justice, Sotomayor in order to gain some traction within today’s climate of young progressive thinkers.  Lastly, the Democrate Party is happy to give Charles Barkley back to the Republicans.  We don’t want him!  Dontknow3 has to inform the Republican Party that they are in trouble if they can’t keep Charles Barkley.  Also www.dontknow3.com  


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