Where Is A.M.W when We Need Them? Super Producer Scott Storch on the RUN Like Pookie

Dontknow3 would like to know where is America’s Most Wanted when we need them? Can we put an end to this producer, Scott Storch smoking all the good crack and ducking child support.  This man told MTV that he found himself slipping a little bit.   According to MTV News he exclusively said, “I got involved in doing drugs.  I had to get myself into rehab.  Being in the life that I was living, very fast-moving, option to do anything you want, go anywhere you wanna go, it definitely takes its toll on you, and you lose your concept of reality.” He continued to say, “I had to get it under control. I had to take it back to the beginning and back to the Hit Factory, where I made a lot of my hits”.  Although the former ROOTS  member is back to making hits for the music industry’s elite, he admits that his recovery to stardom is far from over. He also stated in the interview, “Just taking it day by day. I haven’t won the war.” HE goes on to say,  “It’s not like something you can just fix and it’s just gone.  Addiction is a disease and I have to constantly battle it. I feel so much better and have more clarity, especially in the studio”.  Dontknow3 feels for anyone dealing with addiction, but running through $60 Million and not paying your child support is not right.  To avoid more legal trouble, Storch was recently charged with grand theft auto after failing to return a leased 2004 Bentley GT Coupe, which he began leasing in February 2006. According to the Miami Herald, Storch failed to return the vehicle in March 2008.  He is scheduled to appear in Bro-ward County Court on May 29.  Dontknow3 wishes a full recovery for the producer Scott Storch but also be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. For now, the producer is residing in a three-quarter house, where he is being supervised by a live-in counselor.  He might have stop running for now, but what will happen to the cool wanna be? www.dontknow3.com 


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