U.S. In 2009 Consist of The GREEDY VS. The GREEDIER and The SANE VS. The INSANE

Today we take a look at the United States of America and the people that make up this country.  We have broken it down into a few simple categories which should sum up the majority of our population.  First two categories are The Greedy vs. The Greedier, these groups share similar goals but very different morals and values in the pursuit of those goals.  Starting with The Greedy, this is more of your everyday person that is doing everything with in their means to accumulate as much as humanly possible.  With some education and resources,  The Greedy find themselves running in circles while in the pursuit of ones greed.  The Greedier are the Elite of this country who have been either passed down tremendous wealth and power or have  worked hard and broke through the wall of silence the upper society’s practice.  The Greedier have every material item a person could ever wish for and a unbelievable amount of wealth, but their passion is to get more wealth in order to keep their prestigious lifestyle and power in their society.  And the whole time The Greedy are chasing their dreams for wealth and everything that comes with it, The Greedier are more than ready to capitalize on their eagerness to obtain everything they want.

Now we move on to the rest of the U. S. and we broke it down into catagories The Sane vs. The Insane.  This makes up the majority of the country from poor to low middle class families trying to survive from check to check by day to day.  The one big difference is at some point during the struggle, The Insane loses their rational thought the process and act out those thoughts people have in the back of their minds.  For example, the man who killed the abortion Doctor or the old man who shot the Holocaust Museum.  Other Insane people are like women who create fake stories of being kidnapped and blaming a minority for the false accusation, and then you have these sexual predators who cannot control themselves and take prey on the children of society.  Finally, The Sane people are the burden barriers for most of societies imperfections this is the hard working class of Americans that take pride in their family, friends, and work, while not complaining but by doing.  For this group of society that rolls right along with the ups and downs that are involved in the roller coaster of life.  While still providing great strength and determination knowing that it won’t amount to extreme wealth, but their family will be taken care of.

With all that said, what do we have in the United States when these groups live together $1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, debt, poor education system, poor health care system, banking crisis, housing market crumbling, war, homelessness, Wall Street crumbling, high unemployment, car industry bankrupt, and a jail system that acts as the new plantation for cheap labor.  And what do we have on TV everyday reality shows and 24/7 news being dictated to us by The Greedier who don’t want us to know anything besides what their selling, and people are screaming that Obama is ruing the country.  With all that damage I believe it took longer than 6 months for the U.S. to be in this position.  So at the end of the day as citizens of this country, The Sane people will suffer the most while watching the TRUMPS, HILTON’S, and Jon and Kate plus 8 get all the money.  And hopefully, The Insane people won’t kill The Sane folks while we try to live this life.  Also www.dontknow3.com


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