Tim Floyd Resigns Agent Calvin Andrews Suspended BDA Sports Image is Suspect and NCAA Still Investigating USC

PhotoUSC’s mens basketball coach Tim Floyd has resigned under allegations of making a direct cash payment to a man who would help deliver OJ Mayo to the Trojans program, according to Louis Johnson informant and former leech of OJ Mayo.  Johnson a former associate of OJ Mayo has told NCAA investigators that Federal authorities including the IRS, FBI , and the US Attorney’s office.  I guess this boy said if he don’t get any money he will tell everybody whats going on and he did.  Louis Johnson said Floyd gave $1000 cash to Rodney Guillory, a person that was known to give OJ Mayo lavish gifts.   ESPN Outside the Lines has consistently reported on this story. If those accusations are true, this would be a clear NCAA violation for Tim Floyd and USC.  It has been said that Rodney Guillory lead OJ to BDA Sports Agency which is ran by Bill Duffy in order to later represent him in the NBA, which is also a violation for sports agents to improperly associate with a student athletes.  Either way, you slice it Louis Johnson caused a lot of problems for USC and BDA Sports Agency because he felt like he was being left out of the GREED that was surrounding OJ Mayo.  This is not anything new either.  It has been going on for a long time,  Tim Floyd and BDA Sports just happen to get caught on this one because of the informant Louis Johnson, and he should not be commended for telling.  Only because if he was still getting benefits he would have never said anything.  What difference will this make in college sports and the improper relationships sport agents have with student athletes? Also www.dontknow3.com


One Response to “Tim Floyd Resigns Agent Calvin Andrews Suspended BDA Sports Image is Suspect and NCAA Still Investigating USC”

  1. bobbygee Says:

    This happens all the time. The guy’s a crook. Most coaches are crooks. The NCAA is a scam. One question where does all the money go? This is big business. Big bucks. Pay the kids. They are putting butts in the seats. Check out my blog.. http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/ Follow the money.

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