NBA DRAFT 2009: Did Brandon Jennings Hurt Draft Status with 5.5 ppg, 2.5 ast Overseas?

The NBA Draft is coming up and there are a few questions coming into the draft about former high school star, now below average overseas player Brandon Jennings.  He just finished playing a year overseas because he could not pass the SAT test in order to play at Arizona State  With the new age rule in the NBA, he has choosen overseas to become a pro.  There are lots of speculation from scouts and NBA analyst on if  he is worthy of  being a top 10 pick in the draft.  He averaged 5 ppg and 2 ast which are not even close to being top 10 draft pick numbers.   Brandon Jennings remains confident telling the media “just wait until they see me workout”.  Hopefully, that is true because the Golden State Warriors are looking at him and that organization cannot afford to waste a draft pick on a below average overseas Rookie.  Time will tell! Personally the young star John Walls at Kentucky looks like he would give Brandon Jennings a run for his money.   Leave your thoughts.  Also


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