PRO Skateboarder Nyjah Huston is Youngest in Charge and Does it with HEMP FOODS

Nyjah Huston is the next Ryan Sheckler with out the clean cut San Clemente look, Nyjah prefers his dreadlocks instead and his HEMP FOODS. Nyjah Huston born in November 1994 was skateboarding at 1 years old, it didn’t take long after that when he turned 12 it was time to go Pro. Once on the scene he turned heads with his crazy skills on the skateboard. He was skating for Element but there has been rumors he left the group. The interesting fact about the young phenom is that he is not powering up off RED Bull or candy to take over the skateboard world, he gets his energy through hemp foods. Nyjah tells the story as him and his father were touring in Japan when they learned the benefits of hemp foods, so here is what Nyjah says when they returned “When we returned we bought some Manitoba Hemp Protein Powder, Hemp Seed Nut, Hemp Seed Oil, and everything to make the Hemp Berry Protein Bliss Smoothie. It’s such a good smoothie and it has 30% protein. A handful of seed nuts give you 20% of your daily iron, and all the amino acids that make a complete protein. I can feel the extra energy it gives me through the day. Whether I’m training hard at the skate park, or on missions trying to find our next skate spot, I know that I’m hemp fueled and will have the energy and focus I need. ”  So look for the rest of the skateboarding culture to fall in line with use of Hemp products from watching this liitle teenager. Hemp Products at


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