President Obama told the Muslim world Asa Lama Lakim which means’s peace be un to you in the Islamic community, now this is something you can guarantee former President George Bush was not able to do.  After that President Obama continued to give a speech addressing the many of contributions the Muslim Community has contributed to America and civilization, from Algebra to science.  One thing he did not do is insult there beliefs and culture, he embraced every one listening, this was a small step to bridge the gap between how Americans look at Muslims after 9\11, and I believe it was a step in the right direction.  Being that President Obama is very well spoken it’s not hard to see why he’s not afraid to speak to the American or Global Public, I believe he has spoken more publicly in his first few months than 8 years of George Bush which is quite refreshing to say the least.  Respectfully Mr Dontknow Also


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