Jon Never CHANGED and Kate Went HOLLYWOOD

Everyone can’t stop talking about Jon and Kate Plus 8, so I will add our 2 cents.   One thing that’s very obvious is that Jon has remained his calm collective, respectful self, while Kate has changed.  It’s called going Hollywood!  On the new episodes the physical change is clear from her hair, makeup and bot ox, but the real change is her attitude towards her family which allowed her to live the Hollywood lifestyle by landing a successful reality show.  She seems to be more in love with the superficial things like her bodyguards, her book tour, or pretending to still be a hands-on mother.  Kate is claiming she is traveling around the US doing book tours for her kids when Jon and Kate plus 8 has had 4 successful season’s accumulating more than enough money if properly invested to support their family.  Each episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8 earns the family $75,000, on top of the perks like Jon hair replacement , and Kate tummy tucks, along with family vacations….  All we can do is pray for those children because at the end of the day it’s not money that is the root to all evil it is the LUST for it.  Respectfully, Mr. Dontknow. Get your Collector’s edition DVD’s SEASON 4 Also www.dontknow3.comJon and Kate Plus Ei8ht: The Complete Season 4 (6 DVD Set)


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