Craigslist involed in RAPE case: NC man set’s his WIFE UP to be RAPED

READER BEWARE this story is very sick, and gutless.   A North Carolina man allegedly used the Craigslist Internet site to locate a person to rape his wife in their home while he watched, police say.  The AP reported Wednesday the Kannapolis man, whose name it withheld to protect the wife, was in jail charged with first-degree rape, two counts of first-degree sexual offense and attempted first-degree sexual offense.  The unidentified man who carried out the rape was still at large. Police said the woman was sexually assaulted at knife point early Sunday after awaking to find the armed man at the foot of her bed, the newspaper said. The couple’s two children were home at the time but unaware of the incident, the newspaper said.  Wow what is the world coming to I have never heard of anything like this no respect for these people, sorry but they got to go, I don’t know here, but get the Hell out of here with that behavior.. Mr Dontknow Also


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