Octomom and Kate: Genius? From Living Poor to Having own Reality Show$$$

Latest Octo Drama is Octomom inked a reality show deal.  When we first heard of Octomom she was staying at her mother’s house living off  Food Stamps, now she has flipped a new house, new cloth’s, and has a reality show.  Everyone says this women shows signs of mental defect we beg to differ this women is displaying skills in today’s society that could make her genius material.  Who do you know that has 14 kids through nontraditional methods then come out of that with celebrity status and her own show, Octomom has made a full come up in society and on society.  Skip hard work, just have a bunch of babies and act crazy on TV with Dr Phil then become rich wow I wish somebody would have told us, I thought hard work is what made you wealthy, which is it?


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