Too Real for TV, Money Making Maroy is Building a Solid Brand with his Cross Country Pimping Series


Too Real for TV is the brand and Cross Country Pimping is one of the Hottest DVD”S series that is out.  M Maroy is the man behind making it all happen.  M Maroy first  came on the scene with the smash hit DVD Cross Country Pimping,which became the new “American Pimp” of its time.  Starring some of the same characters such as Bishop Don Magic Juan and Mr. Ivy aka Pimping Ken.  The DVD is hosted by M Maroy who walks you through exclusive access to the underworld and lifestyle of real pimps Cross Country.  The documentary displays good imagery to go along with commentary from the host M Maroy, and a plethora of professional females for eye candy.  There are a few Pimp’s in the DVD that look so old they should be collecting social security instead of Pimping, but overall it is a great look.  From the success of the first Cross Country Pimping, M Maroy brought us part 2 and part 3 which has now become  instant classics’s of documentaries.  You may recognize his other projects such as Down South Players, and The Best of Both Worlds staring Pimp C.   Throughout this process of hard work and determination has emerged a solid brand called TOO REAL FOR TV that is well  respected and recognized from coast to coast. His work in the film industry has been stamped official and you can expect it to be here for a while.   For those who didn’t know, Mr. Dontknow got you!   Take the time to check out all 3 series of Cross Country Pimping by hitting the link’s and Step Your Game Up!!! Also at

Cross Country Pimping
Cross Country Pimping Pt. 2

Cross Country Pimping, Pt. 3


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