NO Lebron vs KOBE it’s Orlando Magic vs L A Lakers NBA Finals!

Well I guess Nike jump the gun by playing commercials promoting a NBA Finals match up of KOBE and Lebron, instead the reality is it will be a battle tested Orlando Magic vs L A Lakers matchup.  It looks like the two week lay off might have hurt the Cleveland Cavalier”s in the long run by losing game one and almost game 2 if Lebron does not hit that incredible 3 pointer.  Orlando Magic and coach Stan Van Gundy deserve some credit along with superstar Dwight Howard for with standing the negative media and focusing on the task at hand winning the series.  We watched good Dwight Howard turn into a GREAT Dwight Howard by demanding the ball in critical point’s of the game like a true franchise player.  Also the emergence and clutch play of Rashaard Lewis was priceless for the Magic while basically dominating the Eastern Conference finals.  At the end of the Day no Lebron vs Kobe it is Orlando Magic vs the L A Lakers, and Mr Dontknow predicts Kobe Bryant will get his first ring with out the Big Cactus.


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