White NYPD Officier Shoot’s, and Kills Off Duty Black Officier with 6 shots.

   Today’s post is in reference to the 5 Alabama Officers that got fired for beating a man after a high speed chase, in that post we stated that Police brutality would never end.  In New York an Black off duty cop was leaving work when he seen a person trying to steal his car, he proceeded to chase the suspect.  At this time two Duty White officers seen the off duty cop giving chase with his gun drawn and decided to shoot first and ask questions later killing the Black officer.  If NYPD are shooting there own officers what chance does the everyday citizen have, let’s not forget they shot Sean Bell 50 plus times, I don’t know of any crime that requires that much force to one person, unarmed.  So the saga continues, what happen to all of the great training the Police go through, so they can make a rational decision’s in a tough situation?  Was this an accident, or just another example of over zealous, and scared Police that react by shoot first ask questions later, let us know?


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