Faked Kidnapping  This story began as a tragedy when Bonnie Sweeten called 911 yesterday and claimed she and her 9 year old daughter had been kidnapped.  The story was all over the news immediately and had local police along with the FBI all over the case.  As the Police followed up on it they began to discover holes in her claims.  Next they located a video footage of the Bonnie Sweeten at  Philadelphia Airport boarding a plane using a stolen ID.  Eventually, the police locate the woman, and her daughter in a resort at Disney World. After sending the world into panic utilizing tax payer money for the search, it comes out that she claimed 2 black men abducted her daughter and her.  Let’s flashback to the runaway bride that said she was kidnapped by black men when she really just did not want to get married.  Mr Dontknow wants to know why when WHITE  women go Krazy, and tell a wild fabricated story it includes a black man being the culprit?   Can it be any other race or does it have to be the race that the media has demonised as the first suspects of any crime.  This is a real problem because when these type of accusations are being thrown around, every black man in the US becomes a suspect and subject to racial profiling by the public especially including authorities.  It is these type of HOAX that are wasting tax payer money and valuable time and resources that could be used to address REAL problems.Can anyone shed some light on why these white women do this?    Respectfully Mr Dontknow Also at


One Response to “MOM/DAUGHTER KIDNAPPING HOAX! Why Do White Women go Krazy, then BLAME a BLACK MAN?”

  1. I can t understand it myself

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