New Zealand Zoo, Tourist Watch as TIGER kills worker, WHEN WILL THEY LEARN?

 Tourist watched in fear while a zookeeper was mauled to death by a white tiger.  I only have one thing to say, and that is “when will they learn to leave Mother Nature, and everything in it alone”.  There are things in this world that man can not control, so man needs to show some respect for that element in life especially WILD animals.  I believe that’s why we call them WILD.  Dont forget about the incident in Las Vegas with Siegfried & Roy where the tiger took half of his face off, also at this same zoo in New Zealand, there has been several nearly fatal incidents between the staff and tigers.  That was the warning signs, but for some reason humans think they can dominate animals that are extremely out of a humans weight class.  Then after the zookeeper died the staff killed the whie tiger, now one human dead and a beatifull tiger is dead because humans want to treat wild animals like pets. What should we do about this problem?  Respectfully Mr Dontknow


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