“Jon & Kate Plus Eight” NOT the Same Show it Used to Be

Jon and Kate Plus 8 season premier aired and displayed the NEW dynamics in the family, and how times have changed, inevitably changing the entire show itself.  The original Jon and Kate Plus 8 was this interracial couple with two sets of multiples showing the world how they get it done and try to love each other in the process.  This was before Kate started feeling like a celebrity and was just being her disrespectful, annoying, and controlling self.  After 10 years of this verbal abuse she gives Jon, he decided Kate is not who he wants to be married to.  Just look at his face and body language when he hears her voice his body expression goes into a state of disgust.  This is the fifth season of Jon and Kate Plus 8and now,  Kate is embracing her celebrity status by writing a book, and traveling doing speaking engagements with her entourage, while Jon sits at home watching their kids.  During the season premiere, Jon and Kate had very little if no conversation throughout the show. They also sat on different couches during their interviews.  It is quite obvious that Kate is enjoying being a celebrity and all its perks like traveling, money, and bodyguards to boss around.  While back at home, Jon is miserable thinking that this is not how his life should be.  It looks like the whole show has been compromised by the recent rumors of Jon cheating but more so, you can tell Kate will do ANYTHING to keep her celebrity lifestyle going.  How can Kate claim she is doing it “for my chilrden” when before it was “for the family” which includes Jon and his feelings, what kind of a supporting wife is that?  Mr. Dontknow knew 4 years ago Jon was going to realize he could have done a lot better than Kate.  If you have ever noticed that Kate also does not have any of her family members ever on the show or around her family.  This woman has a dark past and it comes out through her verbal abuse and controlling ways on Jon. Even though Jon and Kate Plus 8 is TLC’s number one show, with the price of success, fame, and celebrity, unfortunately Jon and Kate’s relationship has deteriorated and their family is suffering.  Also Check www.dontknow3.com for Season 4 Complete DVD SET.  Respectfully, Mr. DontKnow Collector’s Edition Hit the Link for your’s Season 4 the build up. Jon and Kate Plus Ei8ht: The Complete Season 4 (6 DVD Set)


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