Mike Tyson’s Daughter Found Hanging from a CORD in the Exercise Room

The four-year-old daughter of former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is in critical condition at a Phoenix hospital, May 25, 2009   

Exodus Tyson the 4 year old daughter of former Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson was found by her 7 year old brother with a cord from a treadmill wrapped around her neck.  She is now in a Phoenix hospital in critical condition.  The incident happened while the mother was cleaning the house and Exodus was playing in the house.  When the mom sent her 7 year old son to check on Exodus Tyson, he found her in distress and screamed for his mom.  The mother ran into the room and freed her then called 911.  Mike Tyson was reportedly not at the home during the time of the incident. His daughter is now on life support.  Mr. Dontknow sends my prayers and best wishes to the Tyson Family. Parents hit the link in sidebar get HI DEF Safety First Video Monitor. Or Check www.dontknow3.com  Respectfully Mr Dontknow


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