Skateboarder “Golden Boy” Ryan Sheckler is on the pace to be a Bigger CASH COW than Legend Tony Hawk

 Ryan Sheckler is 20 years old, and is one of the most recognizable faces in the sport of professional skateboarding.  He is on the path to surpass the ICON status of the original face of skateboarding Tony Hawk.  Ryan has been skating professionally for about 10 years.  Along that time, he has wowed audiences and dominated tournaments along with accumulating a healthy list of sponsors.  Some of his sponsors are Plan B, Red Bull, and Oakley.  The path that he is traveling will put him in a position to be a bigger cash cow than Tony Hawk, who was the original skater to help the sport break into the mainstream.  It looks like everything Ryan Sheckler touches turns to gold.  So there for, he will be coined the next “Golden Boy” of skateboarding with his nice San Clemente image.   This has Ryan Sheckler’s future looking very bright at 20 years old, his best skating is still ahead of him if he does not burn out.  Although Ryan has won the most medals at the X Games, which is the “Olympics” of skateboarding to sponsors, movies, and commercials, it doesn’t look like he is going down anytime soon.   Mr. Dontknow would like recognize one common factor in some of these young stars like James “Bubba Stewart, Elena Myers, and Ryan Sheckler, is that the support displayed on behalf of their parents and gave their kids the potential to succeed.  Not forcing them to do something but being supportive when they do choose to engage in an activity.  Right now, Ryan Sheckler is worth over $20 million.  Mr. Dontknow Get your Plan B Skateboard or a pair of Ryan Sheckler Oakley Glasses located on the side bar.  Or


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