Michael Vick Fresh out! Should he get more DOGS? WATCH ESPN COMMERCIAL



Former football star Michael Vick has recently been released from prison to finish out his sentence on home arrest in the conviction of running a dog fighting business.  Today Mr. Dontknow will ask the question of should Michael Vick get him some more dogs?   Not for fighting purposes but just for the true enjoyment of man’s best friend.  Now, some might think he should not be allowed the opportunity to even have a dog, but don’t forget the man is serving his debt to society for his actions.   Michael Vick made a mistake and has paid royally for it besides going to jail and losing his job.  What else do people want from him?   Personally, he has overpaid his debt to society, the punishment and public ridicule did not fit the crime if it was even a crime.  There is major cockfighting rings all over the U S, but you don’t ever hear of one getting broken up.  Is it because we don’t eat DOG in this country?  NEWSFLASH, some countries eat dog like we eat chicken!  Michael Vick should get him a few dogs after he finished his time and gets readjusted to society.  It would be a good way to show his true feelings for the K9 animal.   And let’s digress for a moment, the people that are furious with Michael Vick are the same people who ancestors where SLAVE OWNERS.  So if Blacks have found it in their generous hearts to forgive that terrible display of American Terrorism, People should easily accept Michael Vick back into society.  Respectfully Mr. Dontknow


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