“KAWASAKI” presents Elena Myers a 15yrs old female SUPERMOTO STAR on the RISE

     Today’s post will be for all motorcycle enthusiasts who enjoy riding and watching racing. For those who don’t know who Elena Myers is, we all will be hearing a lot about her in the near future.  She is the first female motorcyclist to be invited to the RED BULL RACE.  Elena Myers started racing at age eight progressing from mini bikes to pocket bikes, along with help and support from her folks Anita and Matt. By age 11, Elena raced a 125cc GP bike for the first time and surprisingly won the race.  In 2006, Elena Myers raced the USGPRU National Series on the 125 with sponsorship from Roadracing World.  During this time she caught the eye of marketing managers from Kawasaki who offered her a support program and an opportunity to participate in PR activities for the company.  In 2007, with support from the racing world, she had several podium finishes in the 125 GP series.  The 2008 season consisted of more success for the female phenomena with a win at WERA Nationals.  In 2009, Elena Myers will be racing the Kawasaki ZX-6R in the AFM, WERA West National events.   Mr. Dontknow has to give this young girl a LOT of PROPS for her dedication and excitement she brings to the sport of racing.  Especially only being 15yrs old and only in the tenth grade, she has had accomplishments than some people have in a lifetime. Just make sure you keep your eyes open in the future because she is that fast you just might miss her if you blink.  Shot’s Out to Elena Myers.  Good luck! Mr. Dontknow.


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