Practicing TRICK shots come’s in Handy for”LEBRON JAMES” IN CLUTCH! Cleveland wins game 2 , over Oranldo Magic.

 Mr Dontknow is never amazed when a great player makes great plays, and that is exactly what happened in game 2 when Lebron James hit a clutch shot with one second left in the fourth quater of the Eastern Conference Finals.  It looked all but over when Iydu Turkalu hit a pull up jumper on an ISO play, and left one second on the clock.Eeveryone in the building had to know they where going to Lebron James, or maybe the Orlando Magic lead by Stan Van Gundy thought someone else would shoot the ball. By my estimation from watching Lebron James making TRICK shots from all over the gym the past week, he is the last person I would let take that shot. Never the less the Cleveland Cavaliers ran a simple inbound play to get King James the ball and he did the rest, by raising up over his defender and shooting the game winning shot to electrify the Cleveland fans.  Oh Boy, should Stan Van Gundy have doubled Lebron James?? On to Orlando Magic! Respectfully Mr. Dontknow


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