IGNORANCE AT IT’S BEST, “JAY MOHR” Calling Michelle Obama a MAN on Jim Rome Radio Show.

This is prime time proof of  White ignorance at its best whoever this cat is calling THE FIRST LADY a big dude, obviously he is working with a little mans complex.  Whatever his reasons are or perception, I hope that made him feel better. Let’s see what his wife, husband, or dog looks like?  Michele Obama is a attractive  looking woman and if you want to talk about bad looks. Trust Mr Dontknow you don’t start with the first lady, maybe Brooke Hogan no disrespect but a size 13 shoe!  Possibly your folks, or whoever raised you, and instilled that haterizzum DNA in you.  One more thing I love the fact this gives me a reason for showing the interview of how Jim Rome got his CAREER sparked off! One Luv JIMMY!   LOL Mr Dontknow.


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