Rap Artist DOLLA’s Killer is claiming SELF DEFENSE in the Murder.

Howard Price is the attorney representing Aubrey Berry the alleged killer of upcoming rapper DOLLA (Roderick Burton), Price says, his client shot Dolla in self defense. The two men had an altercation previously at an Atlanta night club over a month ago. Price the attorney for Berry also stated, it was pure coincidence that they were in the same city eating at the same restaurant P F Chang Chinese Bistro.This is when Berry claims to have been threatened by Dolla and says there is video to back his claims up.


2 Responses to “Rap Artist DOLLA’s Killer is claiming SELF DEFENSE in the Murder.”

  1. alabama2009 Says:

    Wow…You mean to tell me that Mr. Berry was felt he had to carry a loaded gun to a business meeting. What kind of business was he running? or did he have ulterior motives for carrying that gun on him…like using it to harm Dolla and probably the same two people who dissed him at the club earlier. Idk it just seems to strange to me. I think its just so much of a coinscidence that they just woke up one morning and decided to got to L.A. of all places and go to the same mall and shop for who knows how long and after all that meet up at the same restaurant at the same time. WOOOWWW. Any blind person can see where this was headed and why. R.I.P. dolla. If anything Dolla fought Mr. Berry in that club because he felt threatened and it ended up costing him his life in the end.

    • dontknow3 Says:

      Damm I feel you folks I never thought about it any other way beside’s that dude went there to Kill Dolla but He was a little stupid wanna be hard youngsta that threw his life away for WHAT????

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