Lebron James Busy Making TRICK SHOTS, Orlando Magic Focused under the “M.O.P”?

It looks like Mr Dontknow will have to give some respect the Orlando Magic lead by the M.O.P (Stan Van Gundy).  Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers have been on the news recently resting enjoying media attention and practicing TRICK shots.  The Orlando Magic are coming fresh out of a 7 game battle with the defending champs and are looking like a group of wolfs that smell blood.  I will be the first to say I did not think a Stan Van Gundy lead team would come out and show that type of hunger in game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals.  While the media has been amazed at Lebron James practicing his trick shots, Dwight Howard and the Magics came in to Cleveland and stole game 1 with a solid performance. Rashard Lewis stepped up and earned a nice peace of that 100 million dollar contract he received this off season with BIG shots during the fourth quarter to help win the game.  Overall,  it looks like it will be an enjoyable series to watch.   Lebron James and Cleveland needs to tighten up and show more focus, instead of acting like they have won a championship already and save the trick shots for after you win the ring.  Lebron James did show up and perform like the superstar he is but remember it is a team game.  He will need everyone on the Cleveland Cavaliers to help.  If Rashard Lewis and Dwight Howard keep playing like they did in game 1, it won’t make a difference what the M.O.P (aka Stan Van Gundy) does because the game ultimately is played in between the lines by the players.  Last but not least,  how about a round of salutes to Courtney Lee for the flush on Lebron James.  Oh Boy!!!!


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