“KILL THE RECORD LABELS” DVD WATCH TRAILER! Sean Combs Biggest P. I. M. P in the industry, ask SHYNE.

This blog is in reference to all of Mr Dontknows post about the record labels controlling the game. From creating fake controversy and pushing commercial music to the masses in the name of making a dollar.  I’ ve always wondered why there is only a few BLACK owned record labels when at one point it seemed they were on the rise , with THE Roc, Ruff Ryders, Death Row, Murder INC, but now all that’s left is Bad Boy and Cash Money. We all know Puffy is the biggest pimp in the industry, just ask SHYNE, and Sheist Bubs added some testimony to that, plus Xhibit preached that Puffy (Sean Combs) took him to WRONG PARTY; feel me. Anyhow check this trailer for the documentary “Kill the Record Labels”.  Hit the link in sidebar to get yours.  Peace Mr Dontknow


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