Did KATT WILLAMS and STEVE HARVEY set Comedy Back with Fake Beef??

Did Katt Williams, and Steve Harvey set comedy back with FAKE beef and a piss poor performance, which stole money from everyday working people, who paid to watch this attempt at imitating RAP BEEF for sales into ticket sales.  First and foremost, there has not been a consistent stand up comedian since Martin Lawrence in my opinion, but there has been a lot of drive by comedians that go straight Hollywood.  Then forget about stand up comedy.  For example, Chris Tucker all respect, but what happen to the stand up shows and the true  essence of comedy,  after watching Katt Williams go crazy, and bringing gun a to the airport, then disappear spotlight while his buzz was hot  in the public eye.  In a addition, Steve Harvey writes a book offering guidance to women on how men think, I believe these two cats have ran out of MATERIAL! Say it ain’t so.  And you can check Steve Harveys book out by hitting the link in the sidebar.  PEACE Mr Dontknow.


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