Gov. Schwarzenegger might need to SMOKE ONE, on this one: Third Budget Reform Attempt REJECTED!


The voters of California spoke loud and clear to Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger when they rejected his budget reform for the third time since 2003 when he came in to office. He now faces a $21.3 billion budget deficit and a budget system that has not changed since he has been in office. Gov Schwarzenegger has already stated, he is thinking of tapping into the state’s  sacred education fund.  He is considering  shorting the school year by 7 days and laying off 5000 state employee’s.  Plus taking money from local governments which would lead to cuts in funding from the  police and firefighting services.  Tens of thousands of teachers  face the potential of being fired from the governors proposal.   The sate treasury Bill Lockyer said it best,” I think he’s discovered that this job is alot harder than he anticipated in a state of economic downturn”. The future is not looking too bright for the Gold0en State.  Mr Dontknow will give all Californians a heads up before the next election, make sure you do your homework before you vote for the next Governor.  This is a REAL job not a popularity contest.   Also brace yourself for some dark days in the near future,  if Gov Schwarzenegger cannot pull a rabbit out his hat!!! After his term his over, Gov. Schwarzenegger’s can say “Hasta la vista” to his political career.  Respectfully, Mr Dontknow.


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