Reality Show “Operation REPO” FUNNIEST SHOW ON TV

  Today’s post will be about one of the funniest reality shows on TV “Operation REPO” starring several would be characters, but today’s focus will be on Matt aka the LION from “The Wizard of OZ”.  Matt is a musclar cat in his 40’s, at first glance he may look intimidating to others but in reality, behind those muscles and bald head he is really a weak man  w/out courage like the Lion from the OZ.  Just to give you some background the boy throws up when he sees a gun,  has problems with holding his bowel movements, and known for  pissing on himself, while saying “Don’t TAZE me BRO”, plus he is working with a GLASS JAW that is on FULL display when the OG knocked him out, and most of all his poor driving skills recked the BMW and almost killed the camera man when driving recklessly with a car hooked up to the truck while rushing to the bathroom. Basically I’m not a tough guy, but DAM I think they could have gotten someone better than the Lion with no courage.  Mr. Dontknow will suggest a change of PROFESSION for sister Matt.  Possibly some desk work close to a bathroom , without too much excitement because he is not built to deal with pressure situation’s. That cannot feel good when you are the hired MUSCLE and you can’t’ hold your own, when the ladies of Operations Repo are tougher than Mat the Lion, that can’t be good..  Finally, if Matt’s testicles were as big as his ego, he might be able to back that stuff up.  BUT we already know through the use of STEROIDS he has shrunk his sack to the size of a deflated pea, NO HOMO!  They are better off hiring Suge Knight:   Oh Boy! I forgot,  he gets knocked out  too, just PROMOTE FROY”S EX WIFE TO BE THE MUSCLE SHE LOOKS THE PART.  LOL Respectfully Mr. DontKnow.


2 Responses to “Reality Show “Operation REPO” FUNNIEST SHOW ON TV”

  1. I think it is truly a funny show with funny lookin people..especially the ex-marine it’s true once a marine always a marine but damn..that guy is soooo out of shape i wouldn’t be embarassing the marine corp. mentioning how he’s a marine in his shape..and i don’t see how they are allowed to be so hostile with the people they have to be breaking the law somehow..

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