Kobe Bryant, and the L. A. Lakers say, “They will be ready”, but will their LEGS be for the Denver Nuggets?

   At the post game interview with Kobe Bryant he stated, “They will be ready”, for the well rested Denver Nuggets.   I’m sure Kobe will be but the rest of the team is questionable at best.  Let’s remember Kobe Bryant and the Lakers played in the NBA finals last year against the CHAMPS Boston Celtic’s, then KOBE played in the Olympics’.  How much does he have left in the tank in order to fulfill his DREAM of winning a ring without Shaquile O’Neal?  In addition, Phil Jackson is not the Phil of old he is much more reserved and growing into his twilight years.  Do these two legends have the stamina to make the L A Lakers CHAMPIONS again?  The rest of the team will be a deciding factor, but known more then Lamar Odom and Paul Gasol, who got man handled by the Celtic’s frontline in last year NBA Finals.  This series will be a marathon not a sprint, it will be a test of mental and physical toughness along with good coaching.  This should be exciting to watch!  Who has what it takes to get in the 2009 NBA FINALS?  Respectfully Mr Dontknow.


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