Farrah Fawcett, and Wayman Tisdale are example’s of UNMEASURABLE COURAGE..


Anyone following the news already knows that NBA player Wayman Tisdale recently passed away from a 2 year fight with cancer, displaying a tremendous amount of courage, and strength.  Recently, NBC did  a special documentary on “Charlie Angel’s star Farrah Fawcett with her 3 year battle with anal cancer that has spread to her liver. Mr Dontknow, has to take a step back to truly recognize the incredible ability of the human soul and spirit.  These two remarkable people had very successful professional career’s, but when faced with a life hurdle they both took the battle head on. Some people really don’t know how they would react in the face of real life adversity, but Farrah Fawcett and Wayman Tisdale showed the world what they are really made of. That also includes a long list of other celebrities and everyday people who never seem to amaze with their display of faith, determination, and the will to deal with the cards life has dealt, and play it the best way. Wayman Tisdale was known as a good NBA player, but he will also be remembered as an INCREDIBLE SOUL, AND STAND UP LOVING MAN TO HIS FAMILY. Farrah Fawcett just went on national television to share her story on NBC, in order to inspire others and herself, which was very brave and honorable. It definitely shows why she is a special talented woman.  In the documentary she goes on to say, “I do not want to die of this disease. So I say to God, It is seriously time for a miracle,”.  For those in similar situations, don’t ever under estimate the power of the human spirit  and faith which at times are stronger attributes to have when dealing with life’s inevitable challenges.  Wayman Tisdale and Farrah Fawcett are prime examples of UNMEASURABLE COURAGE.  Admirably, Mr. DontKnow.


2 Responses to “Farrah Fawcett, and Wayman Tisdale are example’s of UNMEASURABLE COURAGE..”

  1. Luscious Says:

    When I was a young girl, I loved Charlie’s Angels. Charlies Angels was my first example of women’s Lib. I remember thinking those women have beautiful, hard as any man, and intelligent: the whole sha-bang! They could not be broken by any villian. I wanted to be just like them. Well, Farrah Fawcett is real person tackling a real villian. Cancer is an evil villian that destroys next to all it encounters. I am disgusted by the media and UCLA medical center. In the midst of it all, Farrah proves she will not go down without a fight. Farrah is an angel no doubt. Mr. Dont Know, thank you for celebrating her and Wayman Tisdale’s unbreakable spirit. Cheers,


    • dontknow3 Says:

      Thank u Luscious for your comment , and that is the truth we have to celebrate and admire the tru strenght of real women n men! Oh Boy

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