Boston Celtics Championship Heart will be TESTED IN GAME 7!!

Today’s game 7 will not be anything new for the returning members of last year’s Championship team, but one diffrence NO Kevin Garnett, also Ray Allen, has not been performing at his All Star level. Let’s not forget that the Orlando Magic won 50 plus games this year their only downfall is probally the fact that Patrick Ewing, is not the coach. The Boston Celtic’s bench, and frontline will decide the winner of this game, unless Ray Allen would like to particapate, then it’s a Boston advantage. Everyone know’s Paul Piearce, is coming to put his hardhat own, and so will Dwight Howard while on his journey to becoming the most dominate Big man in the league. Mr Dontknow beleives BIG BABY DAVIS will have to play a very solid game, along with Eddie House in order to pull this one out…


2 Responses to “Boston Celtics Championship Heart will be TESTED IN GAME 7!!”

  1. The heart of a champion died yesterday…All-in-all the Magic outplayed them in this series and the Celtics have nothing to complain about, in the end they were tired and didn’t have the gas in the tank.

    I think that Dwight Howard rallied this team in the final two Games, and Hedo’s clutch effort was exactly what the doctor ordered.

    I’m saying Cavs in 6 right now, but that may change in the days to come.

    • dontknow3 Says:

      That is the truth and I think the better team won even though they were playing on one leg but i see the cavs sweeping Orlando Lebron has the look of the TIGER in his eye’s. Thanks for comment Will

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