K.O.B.E “DOIN’ WORK” Directed by Spike Lee Premiere on ESPN May 16, 2009 8:00pm est

  This Saturday ESPN will premiere it’s Spike Lee directed documentary of Kobe Bryant, with a deeper look at how Kobe feels, and lives basketball in the NBA. According to Spike he was granted unlimited access with the superstar Kobe Bryant, and the Los Angeles Lakers. There were no shortage of footage being that Spike used 30 cameras to follow Kobe throughout this documentary. One thing is very clear when watching this excellent directed peace of work is that Kobe Bryant has a indescribable passion for not just playing the game but dominating the game in every way imaginable. Which at different points of his career has been his strentgh, and at times been his weakness, but once he learned a way to balance that burning to desire it allowed him to elevate his game in other ways. For example in his early years in the league he was considered a spoiled talented brat that LOVED to shoot and show off, then later he matured and began to win Championships, with SHAQ, and Phil Jackson. Then his passion to show and prove showed up and began to sour relationships with SHAQ, and Phil which lead to the Lakers breaking up. Now Kobe has reached another part of his carerr, and his passion  is winning a ring without  Shaquile O’neal. And that is where he is, as of today. Regardless if Kobe ever repairs his image all the way, like before his rape allegations when he was appearing in every other commercial like Lebron James is right now, who know’s but one thing is for sure, and that is he will be remembered as one of the best competitors that have come in NBA.


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