L.A. LAKERS in a Dogfight With The Houston Rocket’s

  I don’t think Coach Phil Jackson thought this seris would go to seven games with the Rockets missing their two franchise player’s Yao Ming, and Tracey Mcgrady,but somehow the roll players, such as Aaron Brook’s, Carl Landry, and the defense from Shane Battier.  Let’s not forget the emotional spark, and HARD play of Ron Artest mixed, with good inside play from Luis Scola,and some good coaching from Rick Adelman, but with all that many people still believed the L.A. Lakers would breeze by them and play the Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference Finals. I still see the Lakers winning game 7 at home, with that said it makes me take a deeper look at the Lakers team compared to Cleveland, and even Denver, and I’m not sure if they are Championship ready. One of the big problem’s for the Lakers is defending Aaron Brooks at the PG position off the pick and roll, and next up is Chauncy Billups Finals MVP with a smooth game that could provide BIG trouble for the Lakers. I know the Houston Rockets management will, be taking a real close look at their team in the off season, being that they took the best team in the west to a 7 game series without there two best players Yao and Tracey. Expect a new home for T-Mac and a new sidekick for Yao Ming hopefully someone who can stay healthy and play the game with passion unlike Tracey Mcgrady…. AND R.I.P Wayman Tisdale. MUST HAVE CD “CLASSIC” hit the link in sidebar.     


One Response to “L.A. LAKERS in a Dogfight With The Houston Rocket’s”

  1. dontknow3 Says:

    Just want to send my prayers and best wishes to his family Wayman was a great NBA player, but even more so he displayed a great infectious personality.. R I P Wayman Tisdale

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