Jon and Kate plus 8 + Steve Harvey book = Divorce

     As some of you have heard, Jon and Kate from the reality show, are going through some marital problems.  If you have been keeping up with the show you might have noticed Kate has a complex with a variety of things, but mainly controlling everything.  It was just a matter of time  before Jon was going to get tired of Kate and her  bossy tendencies, and seek lust or love somewhere else.  TLC viewers know that Kate has some unresolved psychological issues, and Jon plus their eight children were just perfect targets for all her frustrations.  She might be better served with a sit down with the new expert on relationships Steve Harvey the author of”Act Like A Lady,Think Like a Man”.  To finalize the deal, Mr. Dontknow recommends the Steve Harvey book “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” to Kate so she can finish verbally abusing Jon and his manhood, and picking at him until the point of divorce.  NO disrespect to  their marriage or family, but because Jon and Kate chose to put their family in the public eye, we are having this conversation. Peace Mr.Dontknow   Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man By Steve Harvey


2 Responses to “Jon and Kate plus 8 + Steve Harvey book = Divorce”

  1. I don’t think its all Kates fualt!!

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