Joe Budden get’s CHECKED by METHOD MAN


Mr. Dontknow has to to go in on Joe Budden, and his Internet soldiers, if anybody is familiar with Joe Budden, lately he has been over marketing his, so called girl with the BIG BUTTI don’t even remember her name, Oh Yeah Tahiry. Also he was recently ran out of Boston for snapping on the crowd, and now he flashed out on the VIBE”S best rapper list ever, but it sounds like he barked up the wrong tree this time, says METHOD MAN!!! When do we get back to MUSIC instead of this back n forth what Mr Dontknow really thinks is if half of these Joe Buddens type’s would not be in this comprimising spot if they did something real with their 15 minutes of fame, they could put their own music out instead of complaining about record companies and lack of promo for terrible music. Instead of fake challenges and racing Joel Ortiz in parking Lot’s, and continuing this non sense, put out some music or put your GIRL out on the MARKET FO REAL: Joe Budden is looking like a NEW struggling artist instead of a seasoned vet which is sad but he’s trying to EAT. Proper Management for Tahiry, Available at SincerelyMr Dontknow


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