Steve Harvey Book Review

Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man By Steve Harvey  Now today we will have some comedy from your favorite comedian Steve Harvey , with his new book “Act like a lady, and think like a man” First of all shots out to Steve for all his hard work, as successful comedian thru his career, now all that’s out the window today I must shoot from the hip when I speak on this book my man put together. Checking the book out I came to see, that Steve is NOT speaking for every man, he is speaking about himself, and how he perceive’s men to be. Being that Steve is respectfully from the slave era, his game is rather OLD, so in no way shape or form could he speak on this generation or my generation, it would have to come from someone in that era like MR. Dontknow. Back on this book what Mr Harvey is really doing is mixing these ladies up with his outlook on why men do the things they do, life is hard enough already, but now we have old timers trying to stay current throwing all type of shit in the game. And if Steve is an expert on relations, what happen to his first wife he left and went Hollywood on, and got the young girl? Being that most women are thinkers this is a good read for them because it gives them more stuff to think about when they are having problems in their relationship. I’m not going to speak for every man, but  I could have done with out this peace of material. Everyone one is different , so some cats might enjoy this book, but overall it’s up to the reader.. You be the judge hit the Steve Harvey link, and get a copy at Amazon, then let us know!!! Also for the lazy readers, like myself check out the KINDLE NEW Wireless Reading DEVICE in the SIDEBAR Good Look      PEACE Mr. Dontknow


5 Responses to “Steve Harvey Book Review”

  1. vheenus Says:

    I disagree, this book is a good read for men or women to get addtional info on the male perspective about relationship. Even though mr dontknow spoke about leaving his 1st wife, for a younger female, that should not deter others from his creditability on relationships. Everyone makes errors, what important is learning from those errors in becomming a better person and partner to your love one. So you don’t repeat the same mistakes. Steve Harvey can speak about is because he has been through a lot and has the experience to share with his readers. Hey anything that can strenghten a relationship is a good thing!!!

    • dontknow3 Says:

      I feel your perspective but that is for sure a woman’s look but we respect that but i dont need old comics at the end of there career trying to SNITCH on why men do what they do but i respect that slave izzum he kicking but its 2009 “It’s the same game with the same principles, but diffrent morals and values!!!” Mr Dontknow said that!!!

  2. dontknow3 Says:

    And Steve is talking about himself, not all men, so dont get confused women,he should have named it “STEVE, and how i think men act” Now we are going to have confused people running around thinking cause Steve said it in a book this is how my man should act or this is y he does what he do. WHICH IS FALSE AND DOUBLE FALSE everyone is different

  3. The game is to be sold not told, right?? All this is , is a man on the downside of his career and trying to hold on, are you telling me all of a sudden you have wisdom to shoot women…Please , he is going through your typical mid life crisis and has come out with this book..Also , I ask , how would he know, Just like Jim Brown, he went hollywood…Again I have no interest in reading this book or why it even was made..Remember Steven you are a comedian not a pimp..So you may have gotten over with this book, but this one here aint buying it …

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