Orlando Magic Coach Stan Van Gundy the TRU Master Of “PANIC”

       Pat Riley was the first to sense that Stan Van Gundy didn’t have what it takes to be a good coach in the NBA when he fired him from the Miami Heat,  and took over to win a championship. Then this year his star player puts him on blast on the Jim Rome radio show with a accurate impersonation of the official Master of Panic. He was lucky enough to be blessed with that name from another former player by the name of SHAQ. During a game this year Phoenix vs Orlando Van Gundy accused SHAQ of flopping, and the diesel blasted back with the famous Master of Panic line. And up to this point he is right Orlando has repeatedly loss big leads, and crumbled at the end of games that they were in control of. For example tonight against the Celtics, it wasn’t so much what the Celtics did to win as much as  it was what Orlando could not do, like score, rebound, or play defense.. Mr Dontknow is here to tell you that is a sign of players not trusting their coach and his scheme. The NBA is a players league, but you are as good as your leaders, and the coach is the first leader. I guess it’s only right with a brother that looks like Gazoo from the Flintstones , and is most remembered for choking in the playoffs with the old New York Knicks, and clinging to Alonzo Mourning’s leg, what should we expect? But Pat Riley, and Shaq already made it clear the Van Gundy’s are a family of non basketball playing losers/chokers, and some of the worst coach’s the NBA has ever seen… Mr. Dontknow


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