Dallas Mavericks Star Dirk Nowizki’s Fiance passed his background check, but not the POLICE’s

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This is one of the most interesting stories I have heard this year, Dirk Nowizki NBA star was currently engaged to a woman who turned out to be wanted by the law in several state’s. Her name is Cristal Taylor, but her name could change because she is known to have several identities over the past decade according to reports out of the Dallas Morning News. Whoever the women is, she has a extensive criminal history for various crimes, such as financial fraud, and identity theft, also several outstanding warrants for violating her probation for crimes she plead guilty to in St LOUIS. Now Mr Dontknow is here to tell u a few things, there are tons of groupies surrounding NBA arenas in the US and they are probably not all criminals, but the league might want to look at there policy regarding allowing so much access to the players. How does a professional con artist get close enough to Dirk Nowizki, and become engaged, then move in his house? It seems Dirk has been emerged in to Western life style and forgot to take the girl home to MoMS and see if she past the test and maybe he did and Moms radar was cloudy that day. The NBA could have been very embarrassed by the situation if the Police had not stepped in, Cristal Taylor had basically hit the LOTTO by being engaged to Dirk Nowizki a multi millionaire, but then her luck ran out, and her past came back to haunt the alleged con artist. Dirk should spend some money on a REAL background check before getting engaged next time because a BIG BUTT and a smile might turn out to be your worst nightmare.


2 Responses to “Dallas Mavericks Star Dirk Nowizki’s Fiance passed his background check, but not the POLICE’s”

  1. I do know this, god dont like ugly , but that broad is uglier than ROCK DENNIS, my god she looks like a mix between man and animal, you call that manimal , She must have good brain , cause DIRK is trippin, Damm i cant take my eyes off how ugly and freak of natureish she looks..Dirk come on man , i know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but wow…

  2. dontknow3 Says:

    Dam You go hard LOL but I must agree not the most pleasing to look at and that is y Mr. Dontknow has giving Dirk some free advice about a BIG BUTT and a smile, we will put that on Dirks tab…

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