Cassie, Nude Pics with a Pretty Face w/out Talent Becoming a Celebrity Overnite!

  Who is she?  I don’t know about her, but yet I find myself blogging about her.  All of the sudden her name, is getting around because she has topless pictures  that “leaked out”.   Now is this just a publicity stunt for Bad Boy Records to market and get Cassie’s career to spark off?  What happened to, just having talent now days vs. your “goods”?  Let’s look back at past “nobodies” who are now celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, and Vida Guerra because they shared their “goods”.  I would not be surprised if Cassie gets a reality show  and a new record w/Bad Boy Entertainment in the near future. Looks like a desperate move.. Respectfully Mr. DontKnow. More


2 Responses to “Cassie, Nude Pics with a Pretty Face w/out Talent Becoming a Celebrity Overnite!”

  1. vheenus Says:

    Piddy must be running out of marketing ideas. What’s next a sex tape or a reality show? People now days are willing to do anything to get their 15 seconds of fame. Too bad Cassie do have enough respect for herself to allow people like p.diddy to exploit her pretty face.

  2. dontknow3 Says:

    Well We all know PUFFY is here for the money, ain’t nothing wrong with that, but where are the new talented crop of singers, such as Mary and Faith, anybody that can really sing. But Good Luck to Cassie Hope she get’s what she wants out this industry…

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